Editorial Services

Editorial Services Before and After Need some help with that report or other important document ? Hire an online editor. It could be the quick economic solution you've been looking for. Click for details

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines It's never been easier to start a newspaper or magazine. You might appreciate some preliminary assistance, however, particularly during the design and early production phases. Contact us and we'd be delighted to place an online editor at your disposal. Click for details


(left) Peter the Perpendicular, (right) Incident at Quince River Golf Club Two acclaimed books recently published by MasterQuill Press. One set in the highlands of WW2 Vietnam, the other at an exclusive English golf club where the membership is not amused ... Click for details

Technical Writing

Technical Writing MasterQuill Press can provide you with immediate online technical authorship support or, with slightly more notice, a complete team of onsite technical writers and illustrators. Click for details